Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK

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The Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a part of the Tampere University community, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree studies with a special focus on working life and RDI cooperation.

Our strengths are multidisciplinary education, creativity, and a strong international dimension. In our operations we place special emphasis on technology, well-being services, business administration, and culture.

TAMK offers globally unique programs to equip students with real life skills applicable to business and industries. For example, the Proakatemia program is a globally praised program for entrepreneurship, team work and leadership studies, boosting entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

Finnish education is widely known all over the world. The Global Education department at TAMK is our answer to the high demand to learn about the success factors and reasons behind this phenomenon. We have been delivering cost-covering education related services to our global partners since 2010, always serving the local needs of our customers. Working in an international environment and being able to serve and deliver Finnish education services in several contexts and languages keeps us busy.

Our focus is on activating teaching methods, student-centered learning and innovative learning environments and tools. We aim to create a new educational culture with alternative models for evaluation and pedagogical leadership. The local success stories we have helped to create are the reason why we work in education. All of us love what we do, as we believe that education is the key to a better world for all.

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