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Established in 2017, Edunation is a company that aims to completely change the education scene in Finland. Our first goal is to enroll 150 000 full degree students from non-EU/EEA countries in the Finnish higher education by 2025. We want to give students around the world the opportunity to experience high-quality Finnish education.

Study in Finland

Edunation helps students find their way into the world-renowned Finnish higher education. Our aim is to help international students with their application process and answer all questions they might have about living and studying in Finland. Through us, students can enroll in full degree programs, participate in summer schools and exchange programs provided by Finnish universities.

In close cooperation with selected higher education institutions, Edunation’s focus is to make the application procedures easier and more efficient for both students and the universities. We are here to support student mobility, make quality education more accessible, and to increase general knowledge about Finland worldwide.

For whom?

Edunation is ideal for students interested in summer school or pursuing a full degree in Finland. We make the necessary information readily available, connect students and institutions, and we constantly work on making the application procedures as simple and smooth as possible.

Studying in Finland combines high-quality education with meeting friendly people, immersing in a rich Nordic culture, and living in a stable economy. Additionally, it will bring you new opportunities that can translate into life-changing experiences.

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