About Tampere

My Second Home - By Vân Lê

I am from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am an active young professional with a special love for Tampere which is my second home on this planet. I graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences last October 2019. I studied International Business programme at the school, besides, I also took some entrepreneurship courses from Y-kampus to enrich my knowledge in Innovation management major. I absolutely enjoyed my student time at TAMK.

I chose Tampere because of its lovely reputation: Tampere is a peaceful home for whoever is living here. Before moving here, I was searching for a city which is not so crowded or not so far away from city life. I was always happy that I got to know about Tampere and chose to move here. Tampere is definitely a home of peace, the harmony of life, happiness, friendly people, etc. Believe it or not, this city is the best place to live in Finland in my opinion. For the past 3 years, Tampere keeps giving me many surprises about its fast development in terms of innovation and potential. Tampere University nowadays is an agreement on the reorganization of three universities in Tampere. The project aimed to provide students the best possible learning environment. Students can enroll in different courses outside of their main curriculum. This flexibility allows for cross innovation and space for growth. I appreciate the way Finnish education puts learning into the heart of what they are doing.

Equality and amazing adaptability to changes are other qualities I would like to mention. Tampere University is a big community of more than 35000 students from all over the world, however, all nationalities are respected in the same way. For example, all students have the right to choose their majors/minors according to personal interest and ability, there are no prioritized options for only Finnish or Swedish students. Also, the university is adapting practical project work into the official study program to help students learn by doing. The collaboration between the university and local business is getting more progressive and agile. Amazing, isn’t it?

Beautiful things I love in Finland are little wooden houses
Source: Van Le

Life after graduation has been great for me. It is full of freedom and opportunities. I am working in one of my dreamed jobs and this changes my life completely. I feel like home! I spend 8 hours per day at work with amazing and like-minded people, then I come home spending time for myself and my little family without worrying about work. There are always spaces for work-life balance which is sometimes hard to achieve in my home country. I love Tampere for its generosity towards foreigners and the honesty in the heart of Finnish people. Happiness to me is as simple as that, I just need to be myself and contribute the best of me to improve the lives around me. Why do we need a fancy lifestyle in a big city when happiness is coming from the simplest things in life?

If you have any questions about studying and working in Tampere, please do not hesitate to reach out to my LinkedIn Vân Lê and catch up 🙂