About Tampere

Life in Tampere - By Mariana Perez

My name is Mariana Perez and I’m originally from Mexico. Currently, I am working at HappyOrNot as Marketing and Events Assistant. I studied International Business at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I chose Finland as the place where I would study as my partner lives here and I wanted to be in a place close to her.

Tampere is an incredible city, but moving to a new city is always a challenge. The first year living in Finland everything was new and great. Compared to my home city in Mexico I finally had the opportunity of seeing all the seasons of the year. The biggest challenge that year was learning how to dress for the weather and getting clothes suitable for the winter. The second year getting used to the weather became a challenge, but little by little it gets easier.

The biggest opportunities include being able to study my degree program in Finland. International Business was a good choice because at the beginning of the year you learn broad topics on business and then are able to specialize in more specific areas. I specialized in Entrepreneurship and I was able to study six months in Proakatemia, where we started our own company and learned about Team Leadership. During my degree, I found many other programs that supported my studies and provided me with credits for my degree. Some of them include programs such as Demola and Y-kampus. In Demola you are able to work in an innovation project with a diverse team of students to find a solution to that challenge. Y-kampus is the entrepreneurship and innovation center at the universities. Y-kampus hosts courses and events throughout the year for example Growthmakers course which took us to Israel to learn about their Startup ecosystem.

What I value the most about Finnish people is their honesty.

I have also fallen in love with Finnish culture such as going to the sauna, enjoying nature, drinking coffee and appreciating my personal space.

The advice I would give to future generations who study in Tampere is to come with open-minded and make the best out of their studies. They will encounter many opportunities during their studies, knowing how to take those opportunities is important. Learn different topics and figure out what interests you. Now is the time to learn and explore.